Becoming a sponsor not only helps a sanctuary bird, it provides you the joy of sharing in the experience of ownership without the responsibility. Although we adopt out some birds, many of our residents are permanent for a variety of reasons. They often stay with us for life.  Your sponsorship will help cover the cost of food, housing, treats, toys, medical expenses and any other relevant expenses your feathered friend requires.

100% of your sponsorship goes toward the care of your bird and is tax deductible. You may fill out the form on the right and submit or send a donation by personal check to:

Anza Avian Refuge & Rehabilitation Center
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This is Max - Male Military Macaw Approx 25 yrs old - Owner unable to keep due to advanced age.  Undergoing intense rehab due to aggressive behavior. Resident Ambassador since 2012.  Doing very well, responding wonderfully to behavior modification and socialization training, he can now be picked up and handled by men or women.  Beginning to establishappropriate bonds with human friends.



This is Mork - Male Moluccan Cockatoo - age unknown Resident since 2013 - Very social, very loud & happy Fellow.   Lack of time & inability to provide adequate environment & stimulation caused him to self mutilate.  Responding well to rehab program, feathers beginning to grow back, less inappropriate vocalization, very promising future.



This is Birdie Rae- Amazon Parrot - age unknown - resident since 2012. This Gal came to us in poor condition & missing her right leg.  She has responded well to understanding & TLC provided by our volunteer staff and her special needs Foster Mom that loves her.  She has successfully developed a healthy bond to her current caretakers & is enjoying life.



This is Yoda a Goffin Cockatoo.  Yoda is a real fun fella'. Resident since 2013.  Loves to talk & interact with people when they visit.  Lack of time, need for social skills, inappropriate vocalization are some of the issues we are working through.  Yoda has made many bird-friends and is progressing very well with her behavior modification program.  He can now "step up" safely to be held on command and is learning to entertain himself without being loud.



This is Wilbur.  Age unknown.  Resident since 2012.  Wilbur was an extremely nervous little guy in need of confidence.  Given up by owners due to chronic and progressive self mutilation.  He has been placed in a Special Needs Foster Home and is doing better.  Wilbur's feathers are growing back & he is tring very hard to keep them intact.  He does not do well with change of any kind, loves to pull the kitten's tail when they pass his cage and play with the dog.  Still very defensive & afraid.  Long term support will be needed to stabilize Wilbur's behavior.



This is Pogo.  Age approx 2 yrs.  Pogo has been been diagnosed with possible neurological issues causing undue stress to her in everyday situations.  Overwhelming stress manifests itself with odd physical behavior such as jumping straight up without regard for her own safety.  Pogo resides with her Special Needs Foster Mom and has made significant improvement.  She is beginning to express a desire to interact and bond with the caretakers that love her.  Pogo will need special care & an understanding environment for quite a long time, if not for life. 

This is Isaiah - Male Harlequin Macaw - Age unknown - Resident since 2013. This beautiful Boy spent almost 30 yrs with his favorite human companion. Now separated due to ill health of owner.  Newer resident showing measurable progress with socialization skills.  Beginning to enjoy contact with humans, can now be handled and loves to go outside with his human and bird friends



This is Oscar - Ambassador Resident since 2006 Graduate of our Avian Socialization Program - Owner unable to continue to provide care. One of everyone's favorite, travels to shows & school presentations, large vocabulary, speaks in sentences....A great success story thanks to the continuing support of all our Friends!



This is Maia she is a Blue Front amazon, age approx 65 yrs.  Maia came to us when her caretaker passed and is a permanent resident here at AARRC.  She is riddled with arthritis and does not get around a whole lot but really enjoys spending time outdoors in the sun.



This is Sam.  Approx age 7 yrs.  Sam is a Double Yellow Headed Amazon. Resident since 2010.  Sam came from an extreme abuse situation.  She could not be handled due to previous physical & mental trauma.  Sam has completed our Avian Behavior Modification Program and is now one of our best Ambassador Birds!  She can "step up" to be handled, loves to talk, call the "kitty", bark like a dog, cluck like a chicken, (sometimes on command).  Sam travels with other Ambassador Birds to shows and exhibits - loves the attention.



This is Martini.  She is an Umbrella Cockatoo, age unknown.  She was discovered in the back of a garage when the elderly owner passed.  Resident since 2010.  Martini has some very good days.  She is presently in better feather - needs a consistent environment with limited stimulation.  Martini is happily in the care of one of our Special Needs Foster Homes.



This is Spencer.  Resident since 2010.  Spencer is an active very social Guy.  Lack of socialization and structure in previous environment caused him to develop a propensity for unpredictable fly-by attacking of humans.  Spencer has shown great improvement but can be inconsistent in his behavior.  He has been placed temporarily in a Special Needs Foster Home undergoing continued Behavior Modification Training.